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July 2010 Atconsulting (Luxembourg) Sarl has launched its first securitization vehicle for International Private Equity investors

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Tech & Telecom
Real Estate
Financial & Bussines Services

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Global Equity Stragies 370 Route de Longwy L-1940 Luxembourg Tel. 00352 2789507 Fax 00352 24611033 info@geslux.lu


The securitization in Luxembourg is the operation by virtue of which one undertaking (fund, or company or a special purpose vehicle), acquire or assume the risks linked to receivables, to any type of assets or any commitment assumed by third parties or linked with the activities realized by third parties, by assuming any type of securities which value and yields are linked with these security assets.

Such a securitization undertaking incorporated under the Luxembourg law can acquire underlying assets such as:

A securitization fund or a securitization company are undertakings which can be set up by investors or promoters (institutionals, professionals or private), pursuant the rules set by the Luxembourg Law of 22nd of March 2004 on the securitization in Luxembourg. Some segregated fiduciary portfolios can be set up to lodge these securities assets.

These financial instruments can be placed on the stock exchange or simply issued under a private placement memorandum.